Happy in MITTE!

Anklamer Straße 32, Berlin-Mitte

historic building ensemble

from 4350€ / m²


More than a century ago, this is where the fine society enjoyed their afternoon tee in the shadows of the Zionskirche while busy small business owners went about their work. About 100 years later, up until and after the fall of the berlin wall, these buildings became run down and neglected. As Berlin reunited and rejuvinated, it was of utmost importance for the local city authorities and for local investors to return this area to the beauty and vibrancy of past days. This too, was the utmost goal of the owners renovating this building.

The Anklamer 32 radiates beauty and joy!

The facade shines in a refreshing light blue. The elegant white plaster around the windows and on the street level make for a complimentary contrast in color. The attention to detail in the reconstruction of the stucco elements, highlight the passion with which the craftsmen went about their work. This focus on quality continues with the building entrances and the stairwells. While renovating, the craftsmen used a mixture of classical elements with modern forms and materials. In the building entrance the classic terrazzo floor compliments the modern video and doorbell tableau. In the courtyard, modern stainless steel cubes accentuate the beauty of the building. The highest quality standards and the mix between historic and modern, were also the priority in the renovation of the stairwells. The banisters forms are based on historic designs, while also having the modern but elegant color mix of white, anthracite and wood tones. The plaster in the stairwell has been completely renewed, while the stairs are covered with a beautiful „Sisal“ carpet. The light and fresh impression will increase your pleasure in coming home. A new courtyard design should be completed by the late 2019.

The design and renovation of your new apartment will be decided by you, since your freedom of expression should have no limits!


The Anklamer Straße is Berlin in its purest form: legendary shops next to kindergardens, neighborhood cafes and star studded restaurants.

A green oasis in between historical buildings over 100 years old. This area is not as „hip“ as Kreuzberg or Neukölln, it’s more mature and more relaxed. This is an area where after a long day at work, the neighboring house invites you to train and relax in your choice of over 90 yoga classes. In the neighboring Fehrbellinerstr. the local italian restaurant „Alimentari“ seduces you with its sweet aromas of pasta and lasagna. It’s rumored that the „Kitchen Mama“ gets moody off and on but you won’t mind after enjoying your delicious meal, topped with one of the best olive oils in Berlin.

A life for pleasure lovers

Whether you take a short trip to the organic- and farmers market at the Zionskirchplatz, drink a refreshing lemonade at the „neuen Weltempfänger“ around the corner or enjoy your cappuccino with their „world famous“ cheesecake at the „Fräulein Dietrichs“ on the Fürstenbergerstrasse, the selection of culinary delicacies in the direct neighborhood is impressive. Let’s not forget the multitude of day to day necessities like Kindergardens, elementary- and high schools, cultural and sports venues as well as a variety of shopping possibilities all within a short walking distance. The Anklamer Strasse in the Rosenthaler Vorstadt has developed into a very popular central city neighborhood, while keeping much of its historic charms. Picturesque scenes of historic building facades nestled in between lots of green areas define this neighborhood jewel.

  • renovated historic building ensemble with front building, two side wings, center building and Loft-House.
  • various layouts ranging from 40m² to 200m²
  • extensively reconstructed stucco facade
  • redesigned courtyard with green plant areas
  • renovated stairwells
  • elegant building entrances with modern Video and doorbell tableau
  • renovated inner courtyard facade
  • innivative lighting concept for the entrance, courtyard and stairwells
  • classic historical style elements
  • wooden double-boxed windows in the front building
  • best location in Berlin-Mitte
  • family friendly environment
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